R & D Center

With experienced engineers who have internalized our work dynamic and research- and innovation-oriented philosophy, state-of-the-art technological devices and systems, collaborations with universities, and national and international project partners; our organization invests in R&D projects that are in line with our sustainable development goals.

High-Tech Production Facilities

With our technologically advanced products, human capabilities, and manufacturing capacity, we contribute to a more sustainable society. We are the 3rd electronics manufacturer in Turkey with our wide product range. We continue to be a leader in the industry, and our success is growing by the day. 0 + Colleagues, 0 thousand m² Production Facility, 0 Million Production Capacity

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Our Products

Atmaca Electronics is the firm that produces the most consumer electronics in Turkey, in a variety of categories such as TV, Tablet, Telephone, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, and Small Home Appliances, thanks to its high-tech production lines and experienced staff.

Export All Over the World

We conduct business in many locations throughout the world with the same enthusiasm and meticulousness as on the first day. We have crowned our competence in the international product market with the GC Mark Verified Customer Satisfaction certificate. Day by day, we are one step closer to delivering our technology services to all over the world.

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Our Partners

With our national and international cooperation, we always strive for a stable and long-term partnership structure. We care about successful collaborations that will benefit our users and customers in our company’s activities, and we take our steps in this direction.


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