Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety


In 2007, Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş. received TS-EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate that provides an important competitive advantage for exporting industry organizations in particular.

Quality Management System standard intends:

* to create a common quality language and environmental consciousness throughout the company and working principles accordingly,

* provide employee, customers, relevant third parties and suppliers with reference documents that provide information concerning quality management system,

* to enhance customer satisfaction and corporate image,

* to benefit from commercial advantages brought by obtaining a quality certificate having international validity,

* ability to perform constant improvement and situation analyses in accordance with data and statistical measurements, ability to use such analysis results for future decisions.



In 2011, Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş. received TS-EN-ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate as an environmentally-conscious company. The company announced with environmental policy adopted that it supports constant improvement environmentally, prevention of pollution and will comply with environmental legislation and administrative regulations in force.

Environmental Management System standard intends:

* to switch to a clean, healthy and environmentally-conscious business structure,

* to ensure enhancement of compliance with national and/or international legislations,

* to gain advantage at international competition,

* to ensure increase of business reputation and market share,

* to be prepared against emergencies (earthquake, fire, flood, etc.) and accidents and ensure reduction of accident etc. incidents that result in liability,

* to determine impact of corporate operations on environment and environmental risks; to render them manageable and thanks to this reducing and eliminating elements that adversely affect environment,

* to gain recognition at both national and international arena and gain prestige for the organization,

* to answer environment related expectations of consumers and accessing conscious consumers to ensure gaining them.

Occupational Health and Safety

In addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş. which was awarded in 2013 OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate is aware, on the basis of total quality understanding, that positive attitude towards health and safety is essential for efficient and productive management. For his reason, it attaches importance to evaluation and management of potential risks at workplace on employees, sub-contractors, visitors and other staff at work areas.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard intends:

* Occupational health and safety is indispensable priority of all employees and an integral part of their jobs.

* to ensure prevention, to a great extent, of undesirable incidents that cause death, illness, injury, damage and other losses,

* to ensure compliance with national and international requirements and laws on occupational health and safety,

* to ensure potential decline at number of occupational illnesses and accidents and to prevent workforce loss,

* to gain advantage in competition by increasing prestige of the organization,

* through measures taken at work environments, to eliminate fire, explosion, machinery failures etc. situations that may put the business in jeopardy, to ensure business safety and strengthen safety culture,

* to prove sensitivity of the organization for work safety before official authorities.