Mission and Vision


Developing and making available the reliable, quality, contemporary, practical products in order for the people to maintain a happy life.

Atmaca Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş, has been working to add happiness to the lives of people since the year 1979 it was established and in order for it firstly while carrying out either the R&D studies and making the results of the R&D presentable to the market, it attaches importance to comply with the measure of;

  • Being reliable in every respect,
  • In level of sustainable quality,
  • Responding the daily needs with the technological facilities of the day,
  • Ease of use.

The primary conditions of the decisions of the new products and the sub/by policy of diversity of the existing products are based on these measures.



Being one of the first 5 brands in regional market and close geography (Middle East, Turkic Republics, African Countries, and Balkans).

Moving forward on the way of being a widespread company in Turkey and everywhere in the world, producing technology, reliable and providing service in the same quality Atmaca Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş, continues its works to render its radical and dynamic brand perception constant and to develop.

  • Being a well-known brand in regional and global base,
  • Carrying out the sustainable growth,
  • Establishing a customer focused marketing structure,
  • Rendering corporate development continuous,
  • Creating an organization with its information and technological infrastructure strong,
  • Providing innovative, practical, quality and reliable product presentation,
  • Making the structure of supply chain more effective,
  • Being a company preferred by qualified manpower.



Our principles form our values in studies we carry out in order to reach our goals.

  • Customer Focus

The focus point of all our activities is our customers. We anticipate, respond and meet the expectations of our customers and consumers by providing the highest value, quality and the most innovative technologies.

  • Honesty, Personal Integrity and Being Responsible

We exhibit honest behaviors in integrity with the rules and the values of the company against ourselves, fellow workers, customers and suppliers. We display integrity with our attitude and behaviors and take the responsibility of all our behaviors.

  • Respect

None of our activities includes components that would cause material and nonmaterial damage to humans, environment and nature. We respect the diversities, cultures and beliefs.

  • Confidence

We only make promises that we would keep. We trust in our employees, customers and suppliers. We establish clear, transparent and honest communication because we believe this to be the most fundamental component for a reliable relation. We consider gaining confidence far front of acquiring material gain.

  • Quality

We follow the best practices in the sector we are engaged in and target to make the better of it.  We continuously raise the bar of quality in the stages of manufacturing and service. We use our force and capacity till the end for the total quality.

  • Being Fair

We consider being fair one of our fundamental principles in all our communication and behaviors with our employees, customers and suppliers.

  • Our Human Resource

We respect individual differences; we work as a single team for the same goal by developing our skills. We expect all our employees to undertake personal responsibility and display performance in high standards. We trust in each others in order to be successful as a company. We consult each others, advice, learn together and learn from our lesson from our faults. The success of all of us is the success of our company.

  • Superior Business Ethic and Complying With the Legal Regulations

We comply with the laws and the moral rules in all our commercial transactions. We act in good will and understanding in order to provide mutual benefit in all our communication with our employees and suppliers.

  • We Take Strength From Change

Against the change and innovations with our entrepreneur spirit we search for the new ideas, support and apply them. Not being satisfied with the existing, we move after our goals with determination by continuously refining, developing and learning.

Atmaca Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş, in all its studies it carries out to reach its goals, it adopts the above stated values as a principle. For 36 years while providing reliable, easy to use and happiness causing products, it maintains the same care in its communication activities to transfer the brand values to its consumers.