Message Of CEO

Our founder, the deceased, Hayrettin ATMACA used to say; “The only thing that does not change is the change itself”. Adopting this as a principle Atmaca Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş is not just a company following the technology but at the same time manufacturing the technology; attaching importance to branding the products it manufactures.

395696_3210613551219_1055345217_nBrand name; does not only consist of the logo but it should also contain the company culture, vision, mission with all the values within its body and be referred to as “the entire values’’.

With this concept our SUNNY travel we stared in the year 1979 has today become the 3rd largest electronics manufacturer and exporter of Turkey carrying out state of the art technology manufacturing with an area of 110.000 m² and over one thousand employees. 28% of our production is positioned to foreign market and we have been carrying out export to 43 countries.

In today’s world television has turned into a device not only transferring vision, it has reached the position of being a smart TV embodying content and internet positioned.

In TV field which is the subsector of consumer electronics; we will carry our brand furthermore; we will focus on ‘’all in one’’ TV manufacturing which has more advantageous options compared to our rivals and it is one of our primary goals to increase the market share in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East and being the leader in these regions.

In white goods sector with its 25 million pieces of manufacturing capacity and manufacturing with 21 million pieces, our country becoming a significant base of manufacturing for the last 10 years has become the leader country of Europe in this sector.

As of the year 2012, the electric and non-electric home appliances (household appliances) subsector carries out the highest export with 3,75 billion dollars in electric equipment manufacturing industry.

Making use of the chances such as rapid urbanization, energy efficiency and renewal demand introduced by the new standards will carry the figures of manufacturing and export further. We aim to become one of the first 5 brands known in our region in this sector by being aware of them to be our chances.

With the awareness of the main condition for maintaining the powerful position in world markets is following the technological developments and carrying out the innovations rapidly Atmaca Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş following the frame programs and the activities of technology platforms in Europe continuously updates its R&D studies. It accepts the R&D studies as the main vein of the production strategies and by contributing greatly to the economy of our country with its superior production and quality performance we would like to be placed among the leading companies of Europe.

In order to reach the goals we are aware that it is fundamental to be customer focused. Customer focused; requires employees working in team spirit, connected to each others with the belief of supporting and thinking with the priority of everything is for humans. Our team has been clamped together around this structure and is in a hard-line struggle to be a world company.

With the awareness that the brand concept has become a strategic component determining the power of competition in developing competitive environments, the focus point of brand management strategy of Atmaca Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş is the customer and personnel satisfaction.

In order to maintain the continuity as a Turkish brand against the world wide known brands in the country with its reliable and quality product presentation for 36 years 36 and marking also for the future years, it anticipates to be recognized as a dynamic brand.

Our strategic planning and action plan has been determined as 3 years including “2014-2016 Term” by the reason that it is a term in relation to the structural transformation. The strategic plan to be prepared in the second period that will follow this period will cover a period of five years.

In the period of 2017-2012 that we can call the developing of the competition and forming a sustainable competitive structure, we will be willing do to our part as Atmaca Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. in the direction of our country accessing the vision of the year 2023.

We are aware that we will have to work more and systematic than yesterday in order to reach the goal of rising to the rank 15th in the year 2023 from the rank 30th in the year 2011 for our country in the index of national brand ranking determined under the goal of increasing the recognition of Turkish brands.

I do hereby thank to our suppliers and business partners that I believe we will be taking part together in many projects, our employees we walk together with confidence and loyalty and being always with us and with their self-sacrifice and efforts in the journey of success of Atmaca Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş which aims to be one of the first five brands known in our region within 10 years as the leading brand of the sector.

I owe all my colleagues a debt of gratitude who contributed efforts in preparing our strategic planning and action plan and in making it an inherent company value.

Presenting love and respect to all of you.

Adem Atmaca