About Us

Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş, was established in 1979 by Hayrettin Atmaca as a personal entrepreneurship and in a short space of time became one of the highest taxpayers in the country. Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş, thanks to its small household appliances, TVs, satellite receivers, phones, tablets and various electronic equipment and deep-freeze product group under SUNNY brand, became Turkeys 3rd Large Scale Electronic Manufacturer.

SUNNY, with its 110.000 squaremeter space, state of the art manufacturing facilities, is at a level that can match the high manufacturing requirements with its state of the art surface mounting lines in Turkey. The Brand offers services to select companies such as Samsung, ZTE, Digiturk and other prominent Turkish Companies.

In addition to the constant progress in domestic market, the Brand also prioritizes exports. Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş. currently exports to 78 countries and established a grand success in this area.

Importance of R&D

Today the consumer expectations are renewed and improved constantly. Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş. R&D department develops new projects constantly in order to match these expectations and manufactures LED TV’s ranging from 48 to 218 screen.

Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş. initiated its electrical household appliances in 1994 and designed with simple manufacturing methods and One Piece Flow principle, fully automated robot technology, SUNNY Esfera and SUNNY Cascada vacuum cleaners are offered to the consumers that feature superior products.

Customer Satisfaction is Priority

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, SUNNY adopted Total Quality System ISO 9001, established in 2007 and increased its investments in this area. SUNNY, with its expert customer relations personnel and after sales service canters exceeding 500 throughout the country, proceeds steadily to its goal of unconditional customer satisfaction.

Environment Friendly Brand

As of 2011, SUNNY moved forward to preserve the ecology as an Environment Management System accreditation ISO 14001, fulfils the legal conditions as a responsible entity. Furthermore, SUNNY obtained Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001 in 2013 and determined the company-wide risks in order to control them.

Employment and Respecting the Work Force

As being the third localmanufacturer of Turkey, Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş is one of the select manufacturers of Turkey with its focus on employment, belief in the local work force, 38 yeas of manufacturing-marketing experience, social responsibility and respecting the ethic values.